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Pricing Scheme

Pricing scheme: Due to the nature of our service, we charge based on square footage and level of need.

**We are prepared to dispose of recyclables from all noted property types as an additional service.

**Carpet cleaning and outside window and screen washing are not currently included in our areas of expertise.

**Garages are considered an additional service.

**Although our primary focus is not on inhabited, residential locations, we are open to taking on regularly scheduled home service if our schedule permits.

Generations would like the opportunity to assist in welcoming your tenants to their new home by thoughtfully and thoroughly preparing each room for immediate entry. We guarantee their new living space will be consciously, walk-in ready for living.

Generations would like to offer our comprehensive, health conscious and environmentally supportive services to your pre-staging practices and final preparations before new homeowners take possession. We guarantee their first step into this milestone will be met with the utmost attention to detail and immediate livability.

Generations would like to be your last step in customer satisfaction before new homeowners take possession. Allow our expert attention to detail and green living mindfulness accentuate your construction and design to collectively welcome your clients into their newly constructed homes. We guarantee that our level of expertise and health and environmental awareness will on ly be met by the beauty of your work.

Serving Alameda, Contra Costa
and Santa Clara Counties

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1271 Washington Ave #341
San Leandro, CA 94577

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    Overall square footage to be cleaned:
    ***Overall level of cleaning needed - Level I, II or III (as you fill out the form below in more detail please mention if the cleaning level differs for individual areas OR if there is special care needed):
    # of floors (vacuum, sweep, mop)**carpet cleaning not offered:
    # of windows (inside and sills)**screens not offered:
    # of walls:
    # of moldings:
    # of baseboards:
    # of ceiling fans:
    # of light fixtures & switches:
    # of chandeliers (with exceptions):
    # of mirrors:
    # of closets:
    # of shelving units:
    Amount of trash removal (recycling disposal not included):
    # of bathroom showers (walls, doors, tub):
    # of bathroom sinks:
    # of bathroom cabinets:
    # of toilets:
    # of kitchen sinks:
    # of kitchen cabinets:
    # of kitchen drawers:
    # of kitchen pantries:
    # of refrigerators:
    # of stovetop burners:
    # of ovens (door, 5 walls, racks):
    Garage - additional service**not included in regular price:
    # of garage walls:
    # of garage floors:
    # of garage cabinets:
    # of garage shelving units:
    Recycling - paper?
    Recycling - cardboard?
    Recycling - plastic?
    Recycling - metal?
    Recycling - clothes?
    Recycling - shoes?
    Recycling cd's and videotapes?